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Hi guys, I am considering buying an ASUS laptop. I have decided to get this brand because i've seen many positive reviews about it and the price is slightly better than many others. Feel free to suggest me another brand if you think it's better.

It is mostly for daily universitary student use and occasional minor photoshop/video editting. I would also like it to be able to play games such as BF3 at med/low specs and be able to play near future games at low specs.

I am specially concerned on reliability/durability and heating problems. The two models I've been considering are:

-intel i5-2430m (2,4GHz)
-Nvidia geforce 540m
-4gb RAM (one free slot for future upgrade to 2x4gb = 8gb)
PRICE: 550€

-intel i7-2670qm
Rest stays the same (except for battery which i think is slightly better)
PRICE: 650€

Which one would you get? Considering the given graphics card, is the i7 worth it? Thank you!
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  1. whats 100 euros nowadays about £85?

    for that price difference i would stick with the i5
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