First Boot, Nothing Happens.... Help!!!! Video/Pictures included


This is my first build ever, i finally got the money and parts

after reading countless guides ,tutorials, etc.... i was confident everything would be right..

I even followed step by step, Newegg building a PC video tutorial (#2), so i made first an external build test (like the video) to see first if it would boot... i only used the power supply, memory ram, video card, motherboard, and cpu, no other components were attached..

And in the end, it didnt worked......... its just sad.... I short the power pins of the mobo with my screwdriver, i dont hear any sound and nothing works, i just see a 0.5 or less red-green led flash blink.... and thats all...... if i do it again, nothing happens, not even the blink, i have to unplug the cable from the power supply and plug it again.... no beep, no post, no video, no nothing......

Before you tell me.. i already read the "No Boot/Video" sticky, and i have checked and re-checked the connectors...

I have searched in google for some hours now with no luck

I thought this would be easy... and would take 2 hours max to build....... now its almost 6 hours since i started, just trying different things to make it work and reading....... what a problem...... very bad experience up until now

I even made a video just now with my problem (with my cellphone), maybe you can see something wrong and find the problem.... at approx 1:03 the flash blink happens....

its a bit dark, but i try to show how i have everything connected, the led flash blink, and i try to do it again, but it doesnt work.....

Help pleaseeee! whats the problem??

my parts:

CPU: i5-2500K
GPU: GTX 570
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 2x4 1600mhz
power supply: cooler master silent pro 850 watts
mobo: gygabyte z68x-ud4-b3

Took them with my cellphone

From the front

From the back

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  1. Theres a possibility your shorting the wrong pins. Id recommend build everything properly, in the case, connect everything up and then try and boot.

    Make sure ALL the motherboard power is connected, (24pin and 4/8pin).
    Make sure the motherboard isnt shorting power - make sure standoff screws are all correctly placed and the motherboard is properly attached.
    Have you connected the speaker to see if any beep code errors are generated?

    Your video was a little dark, but i noticed a stick of RAM on your sofa next to the build? Has the motherboard actually got some RAM installed?
  2. yes, i tried first with the 2 sticks, then i remove 1 has one installed and also i tried on every ram slot with no success..

    im shorting the PW pins (2 pins), the mobo manual says that are the power pins

    i put the mobo above its own box (newegg recomendation), so it cannot be shorting... it has no metals around

    I have the speaker connected.... just nothing happens
  3. from the video and pictures you need to connect the second 6pin molex power plug for the video card. the video card needs to have 2 6pin molex power to the video card for it to work.
  4. mmmm really?? but the other connector just doesnt fit... i read many video cards just use 1 connector, i try to connect the second one, but it does not fit anywhere
  5. the video card could be 1 6pin and 1 8pin or 2 6pin molex, depending on the video card. Both power connectors should be plug in to the video card.
  6. i just re-checked it and its impossible, it has different shapes as the connector (right one), only the left one can be connected, the right one, cannot be conected in any of the 2-6pin.....

    Also, the connectors are only 4 pin
  7. your video card should come with 2 4pin molex to 1 6pin molex adapters in the box, in case your power supply doesn't have enough connectors for the video card.
  8. Actually its not the GPU that should have the cables.

    Your PSU should come with another cable with a 6pin connection on the end, exactly the same as the one you have already plugged in. You need to plug in 2 6pin power cables to the GPU. (this will be one of the modular cables).

    If you have any 8pin cables, they are also more than likely 6+2 pin and so the 2 pins will unclip leaving you with a 6pin connection.

    If you scroll right down the page it shows the cables supplied in the box. You need the PCI-e 6+2 pin one and unclip the extra 2 pins leaving 1 6pin connector. Plug this into the second GPU power slot.
  9. thanks a lot for your help... well i think we got step further, but is not yet working...

    i think it has now a boot loop


    It just starts, led flash blinks (cpu fan and video card fan start now) for about 1 second, then turns off, the again after 3 sec more or less, it start again in its own....... it doesnt reach BIOS

    and it never appeared something on the monitor and no beep.... this is with 2 6 pin connected

    if i try 1-4pin (first post) and 1-6 pin = same problem as first post

    if i try 1-6pin only, (in any of the 2 connectors), i get the same problem as this video i uploaded this post, just that it seems cpu fan and video fan start to run with more power than in the video
  10. Well... i did a PSU test, so i disconnected all the power from the MOBO, and connected just a fan to the PSU, then i short the green and black pins... and the PSU worked:

    then i connected the power from the PSU again to the MOBO, and i dont know why, it finally booted!... i had no signal on monitor (dont know why) and the beep sound was a long one... and the cpu and video card fans were loud :

    No Video, Loud fans, long beep:

    Then i disconnected the monitor, and connected the mobo to my 55" samsung tv via HDMI.... no video..... then i connected it again to my TV but now using VGA (as with the monitor). and it worked!!! Now i had video on screen, normal beep, and fans (CPU and video card) were nothing loud (i dont know if this is good...), like if they were off.... no sound at all (but they were spinning)

    Video, fans didnt made any sound at all, normal beep:

    So... what do you think??? i dont why or what happened..... but now it works... something i should be concern of?? Im not really sure

    Thanks for your help
  11. Try connecting your HDD. Then see if it boots to BIOS.
  12. Thanks for your answer

    I connected an empty (formatted) 60gb hard drive i had, everything booted fine... just still no OS

    Here, i made a final video with the hard drive connected (again, cpu and video fans are spinning but they dont make any sound and you can hear the normal beep)

    Im about to start building everything inside the case..... i still dont know why before at first it didnt wanted to work (boot loop, a video of this is some posts above...) and when it did, why it had no video, had a long beep sound (what does this means?) and why the CPU and video card fans were loud (now they arent).... im a little concerned about all this

    Maybe something is wrong?

    As this is my first build, i dont know if the fans (cpu and video) must be loud when you power on....and im worry about all these differet bootings i had (without changing anything.... just powered off, then on....).... Maybe im exaggerating, but i just want to make sure everything is working normally, i dont know if this is normal.

    im more relieved when i hear the fans making noise , like these video (post above),:

    maybe now the fans lack power???

    So before beginning to start building eveything inside the case, can anyone confirm everything is normal?? i dont want later my CPU to melt because overheating.... so i want to be sure all is ok...
  13. You need to install OS from DVD or USB FlashDrive. Can you enter BIOS now?
  14. i have not installed OS, because i have not build anything into the case, im waiting for someone to tell me if its normal and i can go on (about fans mostly)

    do i build everything into the case to test this? i dont need to be worry about the fans??
  15. Just build into the case and go for it. Some fans are louder than others, some spin faster than others, some control themselves as to how fast they spin and therfore how much noise they make.

    Build everything, boot, install apps, and see if any problems occur along the way. Building outside of the case and plugging and unplugging components is more likely to damage things than if you just built straight into the case to begin with.

    If you want to monitor your PC temps, dload some software called HWMonitor. It will monitor CPU, GPU, HDD and a few others too.
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