Can't get Set up screen Biostar TA8803UG+

I am new/not very skilled. Playing around with a store bought computer
I have a Biostar TA8803UG+ motherboard

Eventually I would like to maybe see if I can unlock my phenon iiX2 into a 3 or 4 core.
I have fallen at the first fence though because I can't even get the setup screen!

I press escape at the post screen, but all I get is windows boot manager with the option of pressing f8 for advanced boot options.
If I press f8 it doesn't seem to help any?

Any thoughts?

I left my hard drive plugged in the whole time
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  1. The way to enter setup with this motherboard is to press the delete button on start up
    Word of caution: If you are trying to unlock a processor (and you are as incompetant as me) things CAN go horribly wrong.

    I don't know whether I screwed up my BIOS, or I screwed up my cpu by switching it on/off so many timesHi!


    When I turn on the computer the red power led light comes on, the hard drive spins and the case fans spin
    the cpu fan does not spin
    I get no sounds/beeps from the motherboard
    I get no screen display at all - nothing. The screen stays black the whole time

    Now, I know what you are wondering - if you are as brave as me, and if you are as incompetant as me, well, I have one question for you.................are you feeling lucky punk?
    (the tone of this is friendly - good luck)
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