Phenom II X4 960T

I'm looking at upgrading to a Quad on one of my machines and was looking at a 955 but came across this CPU Phenom II X4 960T.
Has anyone seen a decent review of this CPU ? Or does anyone know how it stacks up. I'm kind of a gambler with these things and quite fancy trying to unlock one to a 6 core CPU but wouldn't mind at all if it just plain didn't.

Thanks in advance

Mactronix :)
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  1. The 960T has quite a few pros, and actually very few cans (over the 955)

    Pros: Uses less power
    : Can 'safely' withstand higher temperatures (ie better for overclocking)
    : Clock for clock, is faster than the 955

    Cons : Extended delayed release (causes were possibly from the failure rate of turning it into a hex-core - only around 35% of the chips could achieve a stable unlock)
    : A tiny bit more expensive
    : When unlocked, the hex core isn't very effective for pretty much anything other than image rendering, and the quad core will surpass it (not really sure if this is a con?)
    : Unless overclocked, the 955 will be faster (apart from applications where turbo boost can be used)

    Yes, 3 cons and only 2 pros, however the cons aren't really cons as such, as they're not exactly going to be a deciding factor against getting it over the 955. However, the pros are big pros (in my opinion).

    I would go for the 960T, it can overclock higher, while still running cooler and using less power, while also still being only slightly more expensive over the 955.
  2. Thanks for that, I'm probably only going to try the unlock just to see anyway. Looks like I found a chip where i can have a play and have a solid Quad :D

    Mactronix :)
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