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Good day folks-

What do you think is the best single slot GPU solution available for a non-sli arrangement, as a secondary card. The main responsibility of the card will be PhysX and other secondary support for my main card- and overclocked 480.

Currently I am considering something in the likes of the 430s, or the earlier 240s.

My asus mobo (ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3)- came without the dummy plug for the single GPU arrangement, and this allows my 480 to work only in the X8 mode. By getting a secondary single slot GPU (maybe even one that does not need an auxiliary power support) I will be able to switch the 480 to the X16 mode and also hope to get some benefits for any games that may use PhysX or benefit from a secondary dedicated chip.

So forum- any advice? Name some good single slot- GPU solutions, be they budget or slightly more pricey. Also if you had the pleasure of running them- give me a tip as to which models may be quieter, and whether they need a secondary power supply, or get all their energy from the mobo!

Faithfully yours,

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  1. Bless your socks champ! :)

    This is a nice salvation :p
  2. No worries glad to help.

    Mactronix :)
  3. P.s Finished looking into that link, and while it is helpful- in the tests the cards were tested in a single GPU arrangement. Sadly in my case however the quest is to find a support card for the Oced 480 (which I may replace for a Radeon later on this year if the South Islands range will be anything to look at).

    Hence I am looking for a card that will fill the second slot and assist with some parts of the graphics calculations. The 250 looks delicious. However, if another single-slot card for lower cost and lower power consumption with no auxillary cables will provide similar results- it may be a better bet.

    After all: The card will never be primary- and will exist only to enable the x16 mode for the main card and assist with any dedicatory functions.
  4. Focusing on the physX aspects of the question: I have found the links provided by XacTactX at Hardforums very helpful to address the comparison between dedicated cards:


    Rules of thumb:

    GFLOPS is the most important factor of PhysX performance, followed closely by memory bandwidth and GPU architecture.
    The GTX 460 768MB is the "best" mix of price, performance, power consumption, and thermals. You get 98% of the maximum possible FPS (compared to a GTX 480/580).
    Look for single slot cards with high GFLOPS, bandwidth, and possibly a Fermi. The Galaxy 460 Razor is the fastest card for your application. More pedestrian cards include the 450, and the 240. I don't know exact cards for you other than that, but Newegg is your friend.

    Based on this I have set myself on three cards for different budgets :

    Max budget
    New at 460 Razor- £170ish in uk

    Mid Budget
    New at 450 "Sparkle"-£120ish
    or the
    MSI version when it becomes available in UK

    Low budget
    DDR5 variants of 240-250, or the 9600s which are currently flooding ebay at dirt cheap prices :P

    Sooo solution has been quiet predictable- now to decide upon how much I want to waste from my Jewish coffer.
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