Quad channel certified RAM on a Dual channel Mobo

Hi, i'm currently building a budget system. i have recently purchased a mobo - Gigabyte 970a ds3 (AM3+) and original choice for RAM is the G.Skill Ripjaws 4x2GB DDR3 1600 CL9. But it was not available that time. Without asking, i choose the next available ddr3 ram at the store which happens to be the Corsair Vengeance 4x2gb 1600 CL8 (same price).

But to my surprise, after checking on corsair website i learned that this particualr ram (CMZ8GX3M4X1600C8R) is designed for quad channel system. I haven't assembled everything yet because i have not decided on the cpu side yet.

My understanding is that all ddr3 ram should work on a ddr3 capable mobo. Will there be any issues when i use these sticks with my dual channel mobo? I just want to make sure that this combo will work before assembling it as i may not be able to return the ram anymore if there will be scratches on its contact if i insert it in the ram slot. Thanks.
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    It'll still work as a Dual Channel kit (in Dual Channel mode), but why not just go with a 2x4GB kit?
  2. oops sorry typo. I actually have the 2x4GB kit. (not 4x2gb)

    Thanks for the assurance :)
  3. SirRaulo said:
    oops sorry typo. I actually have the 2x4GB kit. (not 4x2gb)

    Thanks for the assurance :)

    Ah, that clears it up then. :)
  4. like DJ said your turnout would have favoured 2x 4gb more.

    People building quad channel systems will buy memory in sets to guarantee compatibility with each memory module as they’re packaged in sets from the manufacturer. That is all, just for reliability.

    You can still use them in your build, if you have 4 dimm slots the situation will be dual channelling 2 sets of 2gb.
  5. woops nm :D
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