Is my build okay?

is this build good/compatible with each other?

Lite-On iHBS212-08 12X Internal Blu-Ray Writer x1-150$

Western Digital WD1500HLFS VelociRaptor Hard Drive - 150GB, 10K RPM, 16MB, SATA-3G x5- 600$

ASUS Rampage III Black Edition ROG Motherboard x1- 600$

Corsair CMZ12GX3M3A2000C10 Vengeance- 12GB (3x 4GB), PC3-16000, DDR3-2000MHz, 10-10-10-27 CAS Latency x2- 320$

Thermaltake Spedo VI90001W2Z Full-Tower Case x1- 220$

Ultra X4 1600-Watt Modular Power Supply x1- 285$

Crucial CT256M4SSD2 m4 2.5" Solid State Drive x1 - 256GB, SATA 6Gb/s- 390$

MSI N580GTX GeForce GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Video Card - 3GB, GDDR5 x3- 1800$

Intel Core i7-990X BX80613I7990X Processor Extreme Edition x1 - 1000$

Ultra ULT40144 Thermo-Control 120mm Case Fan x1- 23$

Corsair CWCH50-1 Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler x1- 70$

Thermaltake Liquid Cooling UV Sensitive Coolant x1- 15$

Acer HN274H bmiiid 27" Class Widescreen 3D LED HD Monitor x1- 700$

so my final PC spec would be

Mobo: ASUS Rampage III Black Edition ROG Motherboard
RAM: 24gb DDR3 at 2000 MHz
CPU- Intel Core i7-990X XE at 3.46 Ghz
HDD- 700 GB at 10k RPM
SDD- 256 GB
Blu-Ray Burner/ Reader
GPU- GeForce GTX 580 three way SLI each 3GB GDDR5


Yes I plan to OC the hell out of everything.


I want to add a 4th GTX 580 for dedicated PhysX, do I have enough PSU power?

Final price w/o mail in rebate: 6730$ for next day shipping
With rebate: 6700$
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  1. To answer your question! No it is not, unless you are just enjoying having the fastest thing out there no matter what it costs!
    The 4th 580 for physX is a waste since a much lower grade card would handle the few games that support it fine.
  2. Seriously?
  3. Well, will this build actually work? Yes, I'm pretty serious.
  4. WOW! That is a pretty big rig!! All looks like it will be fine, but you might be a candidate to wait for socket 2011 to be released later this year (Q4). Might as well get the Sandy Bridge based Extreme CPU if you are already ok with a $1000 CPU.

    PSU - With four GTX580 GPUs you are under 1600w. Maybe 1200w - 1300w max with all your drives in the mix as well. If that PSU holds true to its 1600w rating you are fine...
  5. I really don't know if all the parts can work together...will the motherboard be able to recognize 24GB RAM? The 3rd GTX 580 will just sit there not to mention the 4th..Also be sure to buy an air-condition to blow cold air because this is the heat itself....

    Generally, you can build something way cheaper without loosing that much on perfomance..
  6. Nice, I like how you included the $30 rebate discount in the final price, anatom12910...
  7. Best answer
    Terrible build; compatibility is ok.

    1) For maximum gaming, the 2600K will be superior when overclocked.

    2) For such a high end build, you should be looking at a 2560 x 1600 monitor.

    3) 10K velociraptors are slower than modern 1tb drives for sequential processing when used as a storage drive.

    4) This, is supposed to be a no compromise gamng system. It will be good for about three to six months when ivy bridge comes out and kepler is delivered. I suggest you spend half as much, invest the other half and upgrade your seystem next year if you want to.
  8. Well then seems like much better parts are coming out I'll wait till the new releases and then buy a nice rig. Thanks for the info guys. Anyone know exactly when it'll all come out?
  9. Ahh not too long, I'll wait hten. Thank you everyone.
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  11. Yeah, everything looks good on paper, getting all that hardware working together and managing the heat from OC will probably be your biggest concern. Like sadams said, as long as the 1600W PSU holds true you should have plenty of power.

    I am really curious about what you are planning on using this monster to do.
  12. anatom12910 said:
    Well then seems like much better parts are coming out I'll wait till the new releases and then buy a nice rig. Thanks for the info guys. Anyone know exactly when it'll all come out?

    Better parts are always coming. If you wait for them, you will wait forever.

    Just how good does this really need to be?

    The December Intel 2011 socket parts will be intended for multi core workstations, not really for gaming.
    Next year, perhaps April will see 22nm ivy bridge cpu's that are a die shrink ot the current sandy bridge cpu's. No doubt faster than current, but for gaming, now much faster than 4.0 do you really need to be for superb gaming?

    If you get a 2500K, OC to 4.0 and sli GTX580 today, you can game at the highest levels for a long time.
    If you get the itch to do better next year, those parts will still be top tier, and will fetch a good price on the used market.
    Spend $1000 or so on a 2560 x 1600 monitor. It will last you for several generations of upgrades.
    ---good luck---
  13. I don't want to come off as a judgemental butthole, afterall I'm not the OP and do not know what influenced those choices, but I can think of no purpose that cannot be solved more effectively and/or for a LOT less money.

    1. For an ultimate gamer, on a single 1920x1080 monitor, a single GTX580 (backed with something like a GTX460 for PhysX) will be suffient. For a higher resolution, a pair of GTX570's might be better, or (to potentially reduce microstutter) 3x GTX560Ti's. If you want the GPU power for some other purpose (e.g. GPGPU processing), make sure that you're choosing the right architecture. For example, nVidia GPUs pretty much suck at bitcoin mining. You'll want ATi cards for that; HD6990's if you can find them, or HD6970's. I haven't looked into the relative performance for Folding or BOINC projects.
    2. If you want something really special, to feel pleased about every time you look at it or think about it, this won't do it. In a few months, faster parts will be available, likely for a much lower price. This may have you feeling very "special" indeed, but not in the way you intended. The value of this rig will drop faster than that of a new car being driven off the lot. If that is why you'd like to spend this kind of money, I would suggest to instead build with more modest parts, but consider hiring a custom case modder or airbrush artist to create one-of-a-kind case art for you. You'll want to start with a top quality case you can re-use if desired; check out Lian Li cases.
    3. Five Velociraptors make no sense. You can get much better capacity and near equivalent speed with typical 2GB drives, also in RAID. In fact, you may wish to consider a NAS box for your data storage, to get all the heat, noise, and cable mess out of your primary PC. Look into TLER drives if you're doing RAID-5.
    4. LGA1366 is getting long in the tooth. You probably want a decent LGA1155 board, either P67 or Z68 (with a PLX chip on it). Put an i5-2500K on it, or an i7-2600K. The PLX chip will let you run your SLI, and all your other ports and slots, at full speed.
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