[Electrical Earthing Problem at Home] Killed MoBo - Suggestions Needed!

The internal electrical wirings of our 8yr old flat isn't good enough.
I've used a 7yr old Pentium 4 PC and it worked just fine.
However, The motherboard of my new PC died 17 days ago while I was playing a game.
I have a VERY cheap Frontech PSU (+12V - 18A) which came with my 20$ case.
The motherboard wasn't faulty for sure. When the PC was on, I could hear noise from the speakers connected in the PC if I switch on/off the fan or light of another room. My old PC.was hit by lightning once when it was off, and the mobo got killed.

Intel replaced my MoBo and shipped a new one (I'll get it in the next 3-4 days). I'll buy a Corsair CX430 just to be on the safe side.

So, what do you think I should do? We have two MCBs fitted on the main electrical board.
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    Most likely your cheap generic PSU that killed your mobo so replacing it is a good idea!
  2. So, Earthing is not an issue, right?

    I got electrical shocks when I touched the metal parts of my new PC's case.
  3. That is most likely a crappy shorted out PSU. (presuming components were installed correctly)
  4. 008Rohit said:
    So, Earthing is not an issue, right?

    I got electrical shocks when I touched the metal parts of my new PC's case.

    That was your warning that you did have some kind of ground problem. How long did you ignore it before your motherboard fried?
  5. ^^ ~15 days.

    The old PC worked for 7yrs in the same power socket, surge protector.
  6. Everything installed correctly? Like motherboard mounted on standoffs in the case!
  7. Stand-off?

    The person who assembled it in the store fitted six screws and nothing else to make the MoBo sit inside the case.
    The case is an ultra cheap and small MicroATX one. There was a black rubbery object which also went inside a hole of the MoBo from the case.
  8. All cases use standoffs to keep the motherboard from shorting to the motherboardtray.
  9. Now how do standoffs look like?

    And what will happen if I fit a Corsair PSU this time but don't correct the earthing problems. Can the PC Components be damaged?
  10. Sounds like a cheapo psu got you. I would also use a surge protector on you computer and not the 20 dollars kind for safety.
  11. I have an old (probably a cheap one) surge protector, too.

    There is a chance that the MoBo is shorting the entire case.
  12. Standoffs usually small brass pieces like this some cheaper cases use plastic ones to replace some of them.
  13. I couldn't see anything like that inside my case. :(
  14. It would be behind the motherboard where the screws secure it. Without them the motherboard will short to the case.
  15. Will it POST if its shorted with the case?
  16. No. If you screwed the mobo to the case without the standoffs every time I've seen this happen it won't power up. The thing to do is to find out if you have bad wiring, or if it was just the cheap PSU. I'm not sure how to check the wiring. Getting the CX430 should fix the issue if it was just a bad PSU.
  17. At first the store guy assembled the parts for me for free as my father was thinking that I might damage the parts because I'm 13. (meaningless)

    It was running fine but the processor temp. reached upto 75C while gaming. I opened up the case after an week and saw the wiring was very poor. So I refitted everything myself this time. The machine then hanged to "Starting Windows" screen. A system restore solved the issue. After that the PC was running better than before for one week until it finally died.

    That cheapo 450W PSU reports that it can deliver "ONLY" 18AMPS through +12V rails.

    Should I replace the case too? (Its a small MicroATX case, and the PSU is ATX. Strange!)
  18. I just called an electrician and he came in our house and tested the power sockets and my Surge Protector. He says earthing is 100% OK. So is the power cable.

    My old PC doesn't give me any shocks where as the new one does. So the only thing left is the PSU, right? Replacing it with a Corsair one is gonna solve my issue?
  19. It will solve your issues if everything is mounted correctly and the PSU was at fault with the shocks.
  20. There are only six screws right? nothing else required to fit the motherboard inside the case? They're still metal parts and might short the entire case I fear. :o
  21. If the screws are screwed into standoffs (sometimes raised metal parts or plastic) to keep the soldering away from the motherboard tray then that is fine.
  22. Yah, there are six raised metal parts I see. Ohk, thanks a lot for guiding me. :)
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