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Hey im looking to upgrade my GPU and was looking at single performance in the 1) HD 6870 2) HD 6950 3) HD 6970. I am a PC gamer so ill be looking for the best DX11 and 10 performance ( DX11 more).

I also want to know which would be better for Xfire performance.

PC Specs:
Intel i3 530
Kingston DDR3 1600MHz
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  1. HD 6950 is
  2. the best
  3. it is the overall best.
  4. No, the 6970 is better purely performance-wise, indisputably. It is, however, possible to unlock the extra cores in the 6950 and turn it into a 6970, so in that sense it could be a better choice to buy.
    Logox, you know you can edit your posts? You don't have to triple-post if you forget stuff -.-
    Following its single performance, the 6970 is also the best in crossfire. However, your CPU couldn't handle 6950s or 6970s in crossfire, and probably not 2x6870 either.
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