What is going on with my computer visually

I had assumed it was a video card problem...

It all started when i was getting a couple of errors from video card drivers that said they recovered. Finally, the computer screen went black and could not see anything. Reboot and sometimes the screen would come back. I used CPUID and Speed fan along with standard Asus probe to see what temperature readings were for each core and each video card. Temps on cores never went above 45 degrees and vid card never went above 64 degrees (rated for 110 degrees). So no overheating

Step one: update all video card drivers, although ones were only 1 month old that i had been using. This did not solve the problem. Also hooked up another monitor to test.. black on that monitor too

Step two: maybe i had some wrong settings that went bad so i did a system restore. still had problem

Step three: i have an sli set up so i decided to remove the bridge and remove one video card to see if it was a bad video card. the problem happened with each video card

OK.. now it is happening more frequently and when i restart the computer sometimes i dont have internet connection, sometimes i get black screen with small red carrots all over. sometimes its just bars of pink/blue/green.

I should point out i did go online and have Trend-Micro run an online scan to verify no bugs

So if its not vid cards.. what is it?

Power supply is 800 watts and never had problem with 2 vid cards before so it would be odd that it would be doing this just as frequent with 1 vid card, plus the computer doesnt shut down when this happens 90% of time

Is it possible that the Bigfoot Networks K1 card is causing the problem? I had read one other person who had that sort of problem which he swore was Bigfoot related but everyone dismissed him
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  1. Since you got driver related errors, I'd start there, attempting to thoroughly clean all old traces of old drivers, tuning tools, etc....

    PSUs are only known good the last time your system worked well, is possible the PSU is browning out, incapable of supplying sufficient power to the GPU...; all 800 watt PSUs are not equal, as some no-name 800 watt PSUs will do a meltdown at 400 watts continous load...
  2. I had a 650 watt power supply feeding a 7900 gt sli rig. The power supply died, 1 card seemed fine but the other in seperate testing had the exact same symptom you described, multi-colored BIOS overlayed with multi-colored alpha-numeric gibberish. Took that card out and ran the single 7900 gt for a bit but soon had exact same problem.
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