Nvidia 680I SLI Boot issues

I had a couple questions as i have had this computer for some time and i noticed that my CPU was running quite hot so i replaced my CPU cooler with a zalman Cnx ps10 Extreme. I booted fine 3 or 4 times and checked temps everything was running fine. I rebooted and attempted to overclock the CPU. I have been overclocking for years and have never seen anything quite like this. I adjusted the cpu volts to 1.25 from stock 1.2 and moved FSB up to 400mhz and lowered multiplier to 6 from 9. I went to reboot and now i am getting no post, no screen activity nothing. I am getting a error code from LCD on board reading 54. I looked this code up in the manual and all it says is reserved. Can someone shed some light on the situation for me here as i am super confused. I did not over volt enough to do damage. I did try a motherboard reset by taking cmos battery out and putting back in but still getting same code.
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  1. I have reset jumper and figured out issue sorry for the nub post thanks!
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