Huge lag spikes on online gaming and stuttering issues

Hai there.

My PC has been having terrible lag on online gaming and other stuttering (Possibly HDD Related)

My PC Specs are:

Intel Core i5 2500k @ 4.3 Ghz
8GB DDR3 1600mhz (Kingston HyperX)
4 Intel SSDs in RAID 0 + 1TB Western Digital
AMD Radeon HD 6870 Black Edition

Those are the main parts (Runs at 20 Degrees Celsius Idle, 45 when gaming)

I live in Canada and im on rogers, and I have the extreme package.
My router is an SMC Networks D3GN_SSID0 and my Wireless card is a
Zonet ZEW1642 (802.11n)
I also use windows 7 pro 64bit

My ping is fine for about half an hour, but then I get severe internet lag spikes and stuttering in games (Crysis2,MW2,NFS,)

It drives me nuts, and I've tried everything, but Windows Zero Config removes my internet access and I can't do anything else.

I suspect it's my SSDs or the Network card that is causing the problem (My XBOX is next to me but it runs completely fine.On wireless too!)
I set my antivirus to silent, and closed Xfire, Hamachi,Steam, every program that uses the internet, but I still lag (Can't go wireless, Modem is downstairs)

I would really appreciate it if someone helped me with this, and thank you all for your time and patience :)
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  1. I'm confused, is it wireless or not. You say you have a wireless card in the pc in question, and a wireless router, and the xbox runs fine wireless, but then you say you can't go wireless because modem is downstairs?? If your running wireless it doesn't matter if the modem is downstairs...
  2. sorry that was a typo there :)
    I switched network cards and it seems to run better but i need to close pretty much all of my internet programs to fix it.
    I want to have Xfire and Steam going though
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