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Okay, so my computer has been very problematic for the past few weeks, but I don't know what is wrong with it now. I have this thread at the CPU and Components section, but I need some answers.

At first I thought it was a GPU and/or PSU issue, and I made this thread a while ago (it also has more detail about my issue): http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/318978-33-issue

With the help of the people there, I assumed my issue was solved and I began looking up GPU and PSU to potentially buy. However, my computer artifacted and crashed just by browsing a few online sites. I had 3 tabs open, and my computer just failed. This concerns me, since I do not believe my GPU/PSU should be causing a crash while not doing anything that graphically intensive, unless it couldn't handle an ad or something. All I had open was 3 tabs (total) on Newegg and some other computer hardware site. I used to be able to have 4+ tabs open and some of them could be Youtube videos, Grooveshark, flash games (bigger ones cause computer to artifact and crash now), etc.

All of that just makes me concerned that something not easily replaceable is the issue. I really am just hoping this is the cause of my PSU about to die (which sounds pretty logical, since anything intensive equals artifacting and a crash), but is it more likely something else? And if it is just the PSU, is my graphic card (or other hardware even) still damaged and needs replacement?

Another side note, the computer should be all stock and only about 2 years old (which is weird as to why a 360W PSU is matched up with a Radeon 4800, which apparently has 420W minimum), so it should very much have been compatible and long lasting. I also don't think I mentioned it is running Vista anywhere.

Also, I was thinking of buying a XFX Radeon 6850 GPU, and a 650W Corsair PSU (should I get modular or not?). That would give me enough power to run everything out now, and then have the option to Crossfire (pretty sure my setup can do that) later if need be and prices drop. Good idea, or are there better options?
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  1. I don't see in either thread any system specs. It's hard to talk about things when I don't know whats involved. I also don't have any info on the PSU. I've seen you mention a 300, 350, and now a 360W PSU. All I know so far is you have a stock 3xxW(ish) PSU. I have no data on brand, and 12V amperage.

    I do agree with them about it probably needing a new PSU. The TDP of the 4850 is 115W. Toss in another 100W for most CPUs, and another 50W to cover the board and drives and your looking at 265W at least. All this power needs to be on the 12V rail, so unless your has 22A (lets say 25A) then what you have isn't good enough. I personally would try a new PSU first, and then upgrade the video card if the problem isn't fixed.
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