XFX Radeon hd 6670 vs EVGA geforce GTS 450

I need a bit of assistance picking new graphics card for my new dell insprion 560.

I have the following specs

21 in Acer monitor running 16480x1050

Intel 5800 3ghz processor
4gb of ddr3 ram
1 tb of hdd
500w coolermaster psu

Which card do i pick? (the EVGA) (The xfx)

Aslo, is the performance boost really worth not having xfx's free game and the lifetime warranty?

dont want to spend more then 100 please.
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  1. the evga is going to be 90 after rebate and the xfx will be 85 after rebate.
  2. to be honest i would just add a few more bucks and get

    much better then those two.
    the gts 450 isnt much good, the gts 250 outperforms it most of the time, and 6670 is slower then gts 450
  3. i dont have enough cash for that beauty :/ So of the two might aswell get the gts 450?
  4. Its a tad out of my range i want to spend no more then 90.

    io just bought a psu so my funds area a bit dry ://
  5. go with gts 450 then :P should be good for ur resolution
  6. is it really worth going the distance for the 6770?
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    The GTS450 is the more powerful over the HD6670. The HD6770 Mosox links to is at a great price and more powerful than both.
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