Need advice for upgrade plan from AMD Phenom II into Intel.

The biggest performance issues I am having is when I try to stream games online with adobe flash media live encoder. The AMD Phenom II x4 925 processor (or any AMD processor really) just doesn't have the power to stream games in high quality while also playing the game itself in high quality. When I built my current set up I was under quite a tight budget so Intel was not even really an option for me. But recently I have a bit more expendable money so I want to upgrade to an Intel processor.

The thing is since my computer still does well enough I don't really NEED to upgrade RIGHT NOW, I am unsure exactly what I should do. I was thinking of buying a Intel Sandy-Bridge 2600k and a $150-200 range motherboard. Then I could simply swap those pieces into my current build. But my main concern here is would it be better to just wait for Ivy Bridge?

How much of a performance gap would it be between a 2600k and a similarly priced Ivy Bridge? Do the current Z68 motherboards have all the features necessary so that Ivy Bridge will perform just as well as the newer motherboards that launch around the time of Ivy Bridge? I am under the impression Z68 motherboards are superior to P67 (haven't researched enough since I am using AMD right now). I know that with Bulldozer for example, the AM3+ motherboards were capable of running Bulldozer but did not have all the features of the newer motherboards. Would a current Z68 motherboard also not be able to use Ivy Bridge to 100% of its features/capabilities?

I really am a computer enthusiast so now that I have a little expendable money it is extremely tempting to just buy a 2600k right now. I tend to do a lot of research before I buy, but since my last build was AMD I am way behind on Intel information. I would love some opinions from the Intel guys who I am sure are much more knowledgeable then me on whether it would be better to just get a 2600k now and maybe eventually upgrade to Ivy Bridge, or to just wait it out and see how Ivy Bridge is.

Also I would really like some advice on what's the best motherboards for a 2600k in the $150-200 price range. I have had good experiences with ASUS so I would prefer that, but I am open to other suggestions. Also for those of you using SLI, would it be worth it to get a second GTX 560 ti maybe some time down the road? I generally lean towards going for a single GPU since it is easier, and probably has less complications, but since the GTX 560 ti is a pretty darn good card already maybe SLI would be the right choice if I were to upgrade? And finally I am currently using 2x2gb ram @ 1600 MHZ. Would it be a great idea to upgrade to 2x4GB of either 1600 MHZ or higher ram? Or would adding 4 more GB of ram not make a huge difference?

I would REALLY appreciate any help and advice/opinions I can get about my questions. I know it's a lot, but it will save me a lot of time researching and speculating, when I am sure many of you have good answers already. Thanks a lot!
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  1. Was thinking of this motherboard and ram with the 2600k:

    Is this motherboard overkill? My only real concerns with the motherboard is overclocking potential, SLI, and Ivy Bridge ready. Would I be just as well off with a cheaper board?
  2. just an idea, but you could wait for ivy bridge to come out and buy the I7 for cheaper XD
    hmm, that ram has me wondering, i thought most intel platforms were triple and quad channel ram but that dosent matter much

    and 8gb ram is 35$, but is well worth it over 4gb ram
  3. This motherboard is dual channel ram. And yes I am wondering if I should wait for Ivy Bridge, but I think I can't wait that long haha.

    I am mainly just wondering if I am spending to much on this motherboard? Would I do just as well with a cheaper one or are the extra features and better VRM worth it?
  4. As an enthusiast, I think you should get a high end (air) cooler that comes with brackets for both AMD and intel. OC your CPU as far as you can, and when you switch over to IB, you can carry it over.
  5. I'd upgrade my ISP.
  6. I just want to say, a 2500K will be more than enough for gaming. The 2600K might help with adobe stream crap, but then again, it might not be. Since you don't need to upgrade right now, wait for Ivy Bridge. Whatever IB replaces the 2500K is the one you'll want. Or the 2600K replacement, if you are really dead set on it.
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