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I found a site that estimates the frame rate (FPS) difference between graphics cards using benchmark data. Anyone seen this?? It appears to be pretty sweet. I was getting some nasty frame rates in Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2, and this thing told me what minimum card I need to buy to get 60FPS. What yall think?

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  1. All that does is take the relative performance between the cards which isnt an accurate assessment since they each handle things different. If you primarily play games with AA turned on you are going to want to find one of the ones thats better at handling AA and has a larger frame buffer. It would be more honest if it just showed the relative performance percentages instead of trying to imply frame rates from them because some nVidia cards fare better in certain games than AMD cards and vice versa
  2. It does not take in to account your cpu and ram, so it's hard to say that is accurate. Also if implies that you need a 6970 to get 60fps in modern warfare 2 then it is way overestimating.
    I did a quick "The pit" run in special ops I average over 100fps without vsync, everything maxed 4xAA @ 1920x1200 with a 5830 which according to the site is supposed to be 38.359fps

    edit i just realized what the site does, but still if the link you posted was your result then it is not very accurate. Looking at some graphics card benchmarks with modern warefare 2 tests would better.
  3. The default stuff the page displays is not the RESULT, its an example query as far as I can tell. You have to change the data in the form and re-run it, which you didn't do. As far as relative performance, that is what their first link the "compare graphics card benchmarks" thing does. I think the FPS was meant to be a handy estimate of FPS from performance.

    But yes as the other guy said, it is not going to tell you things like which card handles "AA" better than another. Best to look at game specific benchmarks for something like this. I think of this site as "global" indicators of one card relative to another, which is why I like it. I play about 10 different games, and its a nightmare trying to consolidate benchmarks all over the internet for each application.
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