CPU FAn NOT SPinning

intel i7 2600k unlocked, p67-gd53 mobo, powered up cpu fans not spinning powered down, wat do i do
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  1. Double check you have connected the fan power cable to the 3/4pin CPU fan header on the motherboard. Its usually the nearest one, towards the edge of the board.

    If that doesnt work i believe you can connect it to another fan header, purely to test if its working or not. If its not working then its probably a damaged fan, if it is working, then its a damaged fan header.
  2. but theres no other cpu fan ports the rest are all 3 pin sys fan ports
  3. make sure no wires are clogging the fan.
  4. Get/make a Molex adapter to see if it's the fan or the motherboard.
  5. If it's a 4 pin header it's under logic control so the logic circuit could have failed. You need to apply a known 12VDC source to the proper pins of the fan to see if it spins. If not, replace it. Conversely, if the fan is good then it could be a faulty header as previously stated or a bad logic circuit which would mean replacing the MB.
  6. connected to 3 pin sys fan and works! now however i cant get any video, I have GTX 570 installed (no onboard memory), im not hearing any beep codes and it everything seems to be inserted and function correctly, wat now? could it because of the memory i have installed, standard is DDR3 1200MHZ, i went with PC12800 1600MHZ, it said you could change setting in bios to allow for it.
  7. Best option is : RMA the MoBo back to the manufacturer.
  8. your just giving up too fast, im going to try to figure it out
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    definitely RMA the motherboard. You usually have alimited time for a "Its dead on arrival" RMA, so if the CPU fan pins don't work, and it doesn't boot into the BIOS with rAM, trade it in for ne that works. But you usually have 30 days at most to do this.
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