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Cables - does it make a big diff in temps?

The inside of my case looks like a tornado hit - cables every which-way.

I am overwhelmed at the thought of trying to organize all those cables.

So... Does it make a BIG difference in temperatures for the CPU, GPU, RAM, HDDs, and case whether you neaten it up in there or not? (Rosewill Challenger case, matx mobo, psu on bottom, 4 120mm case fans, 2 HDDs).

If it does matter, can someone recommend an instruction video?

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    Absolutely it matters.

    I would expect up to 10degrees or so higher then a well maintained case

    It's not hard to imagine, if you have a medium interfearing with airflow from point A to point B things will get hotter. It's like putting too thick of a filter on your AC it restricts airflow and your house gets HOT!

    Having all your cables nicely zipped together, running along sides, etc, air is able to flow through out the case, that includes EXPELLING heat as well as INJESTING new cool air.

    Clean it up fellow.

    Just google cable managment or youtube different keywords.
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