8 pin 12v wiring help! problem while sleeving

I have an 8 pin 12v extension that I have been running connected to the 12v wire that came with my modular psu in order to lengthen the cable to run behind the case wall to hide it. i sleeved the extension first and checked before hand how the wires were laid out. all eight wires went straigt accross, meaning if it was in the top left of the connecter on one side, then it was in the top left of the connector on the other side. 4 yellow on top and 4 black on bottom.

I then moved on to the cord that came with my psu (the one i had connected to the extension). i took out two of the pins before i decided to check the wiring layout of this cord, assuming it was the same as the extension cable i just did. I realized it was not the same. im wondering if as long as i keep the 4 yellow on one row and the 4 black on another row if i will be ok. or does there have to be a specific wire layout to a specific pin? i hope this is not too confusing, to help ill lay out a bit of a diagram

my extension cable was like this

pins on side one
1234 (yellow)
5678 (black)

pins on side two
1234 (yellow)
5678 (black)

now my psu cable was mixed. and im unsure of how it was to begin with since i started pullin pins before i checked.... dooooh :cry:
the x's represent the two pins i pulled out without knowing where they were

side one
1234 (yellow)
5678 (black)

side two
3214 (yellow)

so in other words pin 1 goes to pin 3, 2 goes to 2, 3 goes to 1, 4 goes to 4, 7 goes to 6, and 8 goes to 5. 5 and 6 have to go to 7 and 8, but im unsure with goes to which!

thanks for the help!!!
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  1. i did see that page before posting actually, so on the chart, is the pinout the same for both ends of the cable? thats what i was unsure of,since it only lists one chart i would assume so, but i am not positive. thanks for the fast reply
  2. side two
  3. hmm i had

    doest match your 7658....
  4. Well all the yellows are 12v... And all the blacks are ground. So in theory as long as all the yellow are up top ( clip side) And all the black cables are on the bottom, I should be safe to power up right? Is there any problems with this logic?
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