Will this work with my PSU?

So, I'm getting some headphones and figured that I'd be wasting some of their potential if I didn't buy a dedicated sound card. So I browsed around and found this Asus card that I want ( but it says it needs a 4 pin connector. I have an AGI-U580UB PSU and in the manual it says it has "8 Peripheral Connector (4pin)". Would this work? I think it would but on one of the reviews I read about it it says I need a 4pin floppy connector which idk if it's the same as a regular 4pin connector.
Thanks for answering my noobish questions :P
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  1. Nevermind I just realized that it's the ASUS Xonar DX not the D1 that needs the floppy connector. That does seem kind of strange though as floppy connectors are getting kind of old yet they put it on the PCI-e variant and not the PCI one... Weird, not really future proofed if floppy connectors start disappearing in the next few years :P
    This thread can be closed now, sorry for asking you guys this nooby question! :lol:
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