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Upgrading old socket-p laptops

Hello, I recently bought a lot of laptops running on Pentium T-4300s. I did some research and found out that the T-4300 uses Socket-P. I am considering upgrading some of them with re-certified processors from Newegg/ebay. I was curious what options may be available for upgrading these laptops. Is there a list of all processors that would fit into a socket P? What are some of the fastest socket-p processors?

Thanks for your help in advance, I appreciate it.
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    To find all the Socket P CPUs available on Newegg simply filter on that socket type.

    To find a list of all Socket P (PGA478) CPUs click the following link:

    You need to go to the manufacturer's website to determine what socket p CPU the laptops can use. Just because the CPU can physically fit into the socket does not automatically mean it will work. If the BIOS is not updated to recognize the CPU, the CPU might run at the lowest speed or the laptop may not even get past to post screen.
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