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hi guys, need your help on this one. Have recently bought an Arock N68C-GS fx mobo, with Amd FX 6100, 4gb ddr3 1066 memory to be upgraded later. Have fitted all into case, but when i boot up there is power to motherboard and fans, No bleeps from speaker and the computer is not booting. totally confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Check all power cable from psu to mobo. Check for 4/8pin atx power port.
  2. Have checked and rechecked all cables 4pin atx is connected, really got no idea on this one, could the psu 500w at moment be at fault. or another thing i have thought of, as its a 6 core bulldozer would be bios have to be updated to run the cpu, if so how can i do that as my old cpu wont run on this board with ddr3 mem.
  3. Sorry, obvious question but you didn't mention, did you place the standoffs in the case or were they already installed? Either option is fine, just gotta make sure you got them.
  4. Standoffs wer already installed in case as old mobo was removed and just replaced.
  5. Check your system with another psu.
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