NVIDIA GeForce 9400 can't detect external monitor.

My graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce 9400, cannot detect my external monitor. I have a laptop and I use an external monitor for when I'm home. Everything was working great, for almost a year, until yesterday.

My laptop lost power and shut off without warning, not even a warning that the battery was low. The external monitor was connected to the laptop when it shut off. I don't think that it is the monitor that is at fault.

I connect the external monitor to my laptop using a standard HDMI cable, and to my Xbox with a DVI to HDMI cable. I have interchanged them and tried to connect to my laptop with the DVI cable but no luck. I fear that it could be a fried port on my laptop? I hope not.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. Have you checked your display settings in control panel?
  2. Yes, only one screen appears, the monitor attached to my laptop.
  3. And there is no way under display settings to add a second monitor?
  4. Correct. There is no option for multiple monitors even when the external one is connected.

    Also I try to update my drivers, but when I get to the downloading screen for NVIDIA it says that these are not the correct drivers for my system. I even let NVIDIA scan my computer to see which to download but still no luck.
  5. Have you checked in device manager whether there is any hardware with yellow exclamation marks.
  6. Yes, none have that. I even ran a scan of all my hardware to check.
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