Is my PSU compatible with new motherboards?

I want to replace the motherboard + cpu + memory of my current system which is 5 - 6 years old.

I have a Corsair HX520 PSU. Would that be compatible with a new motherboard? I plan to get an ASUS P8Z77 MB.

I ask this question because I wonder if newer MB require different power connectors than those used my my current LGA 775 MB.

I am not a gamer so I am sure that 520 Watts is more than enough for my needs.
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  1. If the new board is ATX, and the old is then it will work.
  2. The new ASUS P8Z77 mobo will have an 8-pin CPU power connector but the 4-pin CPU power connector on your power supply should still work as shown in the rightmost figure in the following image.

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