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Sorry if this is in the wrong section couldn't find a troubleshooting section. But last night I was gaming and my pc shut down went to turn it back on and it powered up for a second then shut down. So I thought a short cause I had moved. So I tore it down disconnected everything but it back together, now it boots up but i get no display on my screen but the computer does not shut down now. The graphics card fans are running. I also tore everything out again and placed it on cardboard with only video card, ram and motherboard and same thing. Configuration is as follows

Antec TPII-480
nforce6m-a mb
AMD X2 5600+ ( it is overclocked )
4 gb ram
8800 GTS 512
sound blaster audigy
Thermaltake tsunami case

Any thoughts on this I'm stumped.
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  1. It is a possibility that your GPU died but here is a troubleshooting guide http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261145-13-perform-steps-posting-boot-video-problems
  2. The MoBo died almost the same way. I was gaming on the PC and all of a sudden it shut down and won't turn on again. After some times the cpu fans spinned but then they stopped spinning and only a standby LED on the MoBo was glowing. MoBo issue.
  3. Thanks for the link i really think that it is the power supply cause it is really old like 5+ years. Trying to find another to test on it
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