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I am currently looking for a good ghost program for backing up some of the computers at the company where i work. I would like to hear about any recommendations, negatives, positives, prices and useability of the different ghost products. I would also just be satisfied with a name. I can look up the info myself and compare the products to each other. How many Ghost products are out there and what are they named? I have placed my post here in the this forum but the software should also be compatible with Win NT 4 and Win 95/98/XP.

Can anyone help me?

My name is Jond, Bames Jond.

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  1. I use norton ghost. Works great for me. Haven't had any major problems out of it. Getting the NDIS drivers to work fo rnetwork support is a bit tricky but thats more of an issue with your NIC than norton ghost.

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  3. I've used both Norton Ghost and Drive Image Pro...both work great...IMO.
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