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The link above contains a list of possible future computer components. I don't have enough technical experience with motherboards specifications to know if I meet my requirements* (*to purchase a MB that will fully utilize current components in the link). What are your recommendations?

question #2: 6950 has two known models to me: 1GB or 2GB; which will surpass 60 FPS using a 1080 screen (GW2; yes, i know the game hasn't been released but I've heard 470/460 gtx were used in game booths)?

question #3: does anyone have a similar build to this, if so, which demanding game could you play with 1080, maximum settings with no AA, special lightning, etc?

Any technical, meaningful replies will suffice.

- price range under the one thousand dollars mark.
- website used to buy components:
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  1. Everything in that build is priced higher than you could expect from buying the parts separately on Newegg

    The 2 gig version of the 6950 probably holds up a little better with higher texture levels ,AA and AS ,so its worth the extra IMO . But either will work well at 1080p

    You are probably better off with a P67 or Z68 motherboard . Prices start lower than that H67 board.

    I recommend a quad core i5 . The extra cores pay off in the real world
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