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Replacement for a GTX470

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June 24, 2011 7:01:34 AM

So I've been using my MSI GTX470 for a while now (about 8 months). I'm pretty happy with it except the heat issues. I have 3 fans in the case (not the best ventilation for the volcanic heat of the card!) and now in the summers with the ambient temp's at 46-48 and humidity around 80%, it's beginning to touch 97-98 deg's after a good hour-2 hours of gaming@1080p.

I actually quite love the card! It's kinda like the Hemi-Cuda of GPU's....raw power and great performance, barring the heat and noise issues! (Only difference is, I'd take the sound of a Hemi over the noise of this card anyday!)

So I'm really considering switching over to a 570/ 580, depending on the prices in India (which is where I am). Not a fan of ATI (no offence brothers!:) ).

1. Can anyone tell me the prices of 570's/ 580's in India (Delhi)?
2. Which version's are the better ones? I usually go for MSI as I find their stuff top notch!
3. Ebay hasn't been much of help to me so far! Any other website?
4. ANY other views/ opinions are most welcome!

Oh, and the price 'may' be a factor as I've just picked up the PS3 move.....just a side note! :) 

Thanks again people!

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a b Î Nvidia
June 24, 2011 8:44:19 AM

With your extremely hot summers you should seriously consider a 3-slot video card like the Asus ENGTX570 DCII.
a b Î Nvidia
June 24, 2011 9:16:32 AM

I agree with FunSurfer for your ambient temps. This is the best cooling you're going to get without using liquid.
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a c 137 Î Nvidia
June 24, 2011 3:10:11 PM

For those unfamiliar, 47c = 116f. Ouch!

1) Since you are happy with the GTX470 performance, consider the possibility of changing out the case to one with better cooling.
To see if this would help, run your games with the side covers off, and a house fan directed at the innards.
If your temperatures drop enough, you have a case cooling problem.
For the ultimate in case cooling look at the Antec skeleton:) .

2) The newest GTX570/580 should run cooler, but I would not expect miracles.
Here is what you might expect:

I like those cards with a standard dual slot direct exhaust cooler best.
Other coolers do a good job of cooling the gpu, but then just dump the heat back into the case where case cooling has to deal with it.
That heats up both the gpu and the cpu.

June 27, 2011 7:13:27 AM

Thanks for the views guys!

I had initially thought about changing just the case. But when I saw the prices, I felt that might as well put in a little more and get the 570. Computer cases are a bit expensive here. Still, I wouldn't wanna rule out the option. As for the Antec skeleton, I'd much rather just get a GPU which has good cooling. :)  Don't want to have too many gadgets in the case. I also ran games with the side panel off, but the temp's shot up almost instantly. Did this on a number of occasions, don't know why the temp's like to shoot off when there is additional room for getting rid of the heat. I guess its the card which matters?

So, anybody got any ideas on the prices of the 570 in India/ Delhi? For that matter, even cases.

Best solution

a c 137 Î Nvidia
June 27, 2011 3:47:43 PM

I am most surprised that your temperatures actually went UP with the sides off.
Did you direct a house fan at the open side to maximize the cooling?

Strong graphics cards will run hot, and they are designed to do so. Up to 100c may be OK, and your are near that limit.

There are graphics card software tuning programs available that can change the fan speed profile.
If your fan is not operating at mak, your temps will rise.

Do check that dust has not accumulated on the fan or the graphics card cooling fins.
Some disassembly may be required to check this.

What are your cpu temperatures like?

If all else fails, I think you may have to resort to a liquid cooling system for your rig.
Not my favorite thing to do.
July 19, 2011 3:01:30 PM

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a c 216 Î Nvidia
July 19, 2011 3:16:36 PM

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