AMD Phenom X4 955 BE Or AMD Phenom X2 560

Is this good processor for playing 2011 games with latest asus M68 or M78 motherboard, also i have 1GB G-210 Nvidia graphics card, i want to buy it to play games which are direct x11 supported.
My budget is low to purchase bord with processor is 7500/- please suggest me some good combination for assembling cpu for gaming.
I already have 450 watts psu,2 fan cooler Cabinet, dynet 2x2gb ddr3 RAM, ups. please give budget gaming combination or is this i have mentioned above good for it.
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  1. obviously amd 955 is much better for gamming.and the motherboard look at this asus m5a79 pro for rs.7,775..
  2. I would go with the 955 because that's a guaranteed quad core. It's also black edition so you can easily overclock it by increasing the multiplier.
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