GTX 560, HD5950 or GTX570?

Hi all,

Recently my old graphics card died out on me, it was overheating, so I disassembled it but that appearently destroyed it completely. I've been looking at these 3 cards, though i'm willingly to pay more if it's worth it. My budget is approximately 380-400$. I'm hoping to play most games maxed out on a 1680x1050 res.

1. - 335$

2. - 353$ or the MSI twin frozer, i've heard good things about it, but is it worth the extra? - 395$

3. - 393$

Appreciate your help.

My specs:
I7 cpu 920 @ 3.2 ghz
Corsair TX750W
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  1. I also would not overlook the 6950 at about $240-ish...(1gb version was $199 after rebates recently; 1 gb is plenty for up to 1920x1200)
  2. Well that is good, but do you really think that is sufficient? To be able to play all these new titles in 2012, with smooth fps
  3. Well alright. But what if we say more pc-oriented games like battlefield 3, which i'd probably buy, how does these cards handle such games?

    And btw 2012 was a typo, I meant 2011
  4. Thats nice, so my final question would be whether I should buy the HD69501gb/2gb or a GTX560 TI, I know you suggested the 6970, but I see the price between them is not very significant, and I'd like it more futureproof.
    The other guy mentioned that the 6950 1gb was the way to go, while that is likely true, does anyone think it would be a good idea to buy the 2gb and then overclock/unlock it along the way?
  5. Okay, then I think i'll grab the gtx560, both for the perfomance you mention and also because Nvidia is what I've had for years.
    So is there any specific GTX560TI you'd recommend me?

    Thanks for the help so far, you've been a great help.
  6. Ok, so I've looked around a bit, and I notice the MSI GTC560TI Hawk is almost the same price as the Evga one, does anyone think that would be the way to go? Or are there better alternatives
  7. In comparison to the MSI, the gigabyte GTX560 is on par with regards to core clock (950), though it is 16$ more. The Asus one (900mhz core clock) is the cheapest of the bunch, and thats 38$ cheaper than the gigabyte.
  8. I'm in Denmark, so don't mind the prices, they're like that here. The prices i've given you so far, are the absolute cheapest for each graphics card
  9. So yeah, DirectCU (as you state) is cooler than the MSI hawk, although it doesn't perform aswell, it's minor and an overclock would fix that, take a look at this: Now that is out of the way, I've found a gigabyte 560ti (this one I believe: ( ) which is just a bit more cheap than the Asus, though not enough to make me buy, if the Asus truely is better.

    So it is now: vs
  10. In that case, i'll order the gigabyte (900mhz core clock) tomorrow.
    Does anyone else think it's the way to go to or..?

    Thanks greg, I apreciate it.
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