Does any wireless USB work with a PSP?

Does any wireless USB work with a PSP? Or do I have to buy a wired PSP-specific USB cable to plug into my PSP and then plug into my computer for file sharing ( which I used to use, but somehow lost it, and so I decided to buy a new one and a wireless one at that)?

The USB I am looking at is ASUS USB-N13 [...] templete=2

Also, if you know what Xlink kai is and how it works, can you tell me if the ASUS USB-N13 will work for Xlink Kai on my windows vista SP2 32 bit home premium?

The reason why I am looking at this ASUS USB is because it mentions being compatible with Xlink kai, which can turn the ad-hoc mode on my PSP into infrastructure mode to play with people world wide instead of someone next to me, but I don't know if it is compatible with my windows vista SP2 home premium because it doesn't mention to work with windows vista, but I read someone who managed to get it to work on his windows vista ultimate 32 bit though.
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  1. Wireless USB will only work with a PSP if the wireless device is one that creates a hot spot that other wireless devices can use. Even then the only use it would have is to allow you to get online so you can play online games or access PSN. The only way for file sharing is through a PSP specific USB cable is you have a PSPGo. If you have a regular PSP any mini 5 to USB A calbe will work. Mini 5 is also called mini B. Lots of devices such as cameras and camcorders use that type of connection. Or if your computer has a card reader that takes the MS Duo you can just stick the card in your computer and do it that way if you have a regular PSP.
    The ASUS wireless USB card you mentioned sounds like it would do the trick for xlink kai. I'm not the most familiar with it myself but their website can some great topics about getting it to work with Vista. Here's a link to one article:

    Hope this helps.
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