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GTX 480 vs GTX 560Ti

Ive already ordered my gaming system, most of it based around feedback, suggestions and reviews from around this forum.

One thing i didnt pick up on was the comparison of these graphics cards.

Lots of people are looking at buying, and suggesting to others the GTX 560 Ti range. Which personally i have gone for aswell. But in a very similar price bracket, in the UK at least, is the GTX 480. From a quick benchmark comparison the GTX 480 seems a much better card? Is there something im missing and its actually not better? Or is the GTX 560 Ti better in some significant way?
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    The GTX 480 is better. It uses a bit more power, has a loud fan and runs 5C-10C hotter though. This gets it some criticism, but it does output more FPS (15-20%+ depending on the title):

    Both are good cards, but a 480 at the same price as a 560 is a good deal.
  2. I agree with ubercake, the GTX 480 is the superior card. More shaders, more RAM. The GTX 480 is comparable to the GTX 570. But you may want to go to the Zalman aftermarket cooler if you intend to do a lot of overclocking and gaming. My experience is that the Zalman cooler will reduce temps by about 35 C over the reference cooler.
  3. The GTX 480 will beat the 560 ti in any game, and it's how it should be. If you can get these cards at the same price you should see if you could return your 560 ti now. It was a small and overlookable blunder to buy the 560 as it should still be capable of playing most games at more than decent graphics. Temperatures and noise shouldn't bother you to much, and if they do you could increase chassis airflow with a few fans which would be cheaper than buying a aftermarket cooler. If you are planning to overclock your gpu you should get a aftermarket cooler as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy your new gaming system with whichever card you end up(depends if you could give the 560 back for your money.)
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