Computer making a squealing noise

was running a Windows Experience assessment when i heard a squealing high pitch noise during the Direct 3D point of the assessment, but nothing else after that, can anyone guess what could be causing this thanks.

Asus M4A88TD-EVO
Phenom X4 955 BE 3.8GHz
Antec 650W TruePower
Sapphire Radeon HD 6950
G.Skill 8gb Sniper 1600
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  1. This high pitch noise is usually called "coil whine".

    It's quite common and is caused by your GPU.

    You shouldn't really be concerned, and it won't affect your performance.
    You could try requesting an RMA if it is really bad.

    Most people usually learn to ignore it.
  2. Dont mean this to worry you, but make sure you have all power leads seated correctly for the GPU.
    In past experience, ive had that problem and it was soon sorted by checking that.
    Make sure you turn your PC off first.
    It wouldnt hurt to see if theres a build up of dust and stuff in the fan and baring area of the card.
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