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Corsair vengeance 1600 running at 1333

Hello i just made a new built and installed 16b blue corsair vengeance. It is rated at 1600mhz but the computer is showing it as 1333. Ihave asus-p8z77-v mobo and 3770k proccesser.
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    Ai Tweaker -> Ai Overclock Tuner and enable the X.M.P. profile.

    You can set everything manually too, if you wish (speed, timings and voltage, if necessary), but the X.M.P. profile does it all automatically.

    The reason why it's 1333, by the way, is because anything faster defaults to 1333 when first installed.
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  3. You should just overclock it by 4mhz, then it will be 1337! :D Which IMO will be better than 1600 (note this is only my opinion and will defiantly not compare to facts)
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