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I5 2500k high temps despite watercooler

Hi, I just built my system the other day and I started off using a coolermaster hyper 212+, but I had high temperatures (idle 35-40c, over 80c in intel burn test on maximum. I reinstalled it and reapplied thermal paste but nothing changed. I went back to NCIX and got an Coolit eco ALC water cooler.. but now even with the box open I'm idling at about 40c on average, and at just a 4ghz overclock I'm getting 75c during intel burn test and 65-70c while gaming...shouldn't my temps be much less with watercooling? How can I get my temps down, could it possibly be the CPU?

my specs are:

i5 2500k
8gb ddr3 ram Patriot Viper Extreme 1866mhz
Gigabyte Geforce gtx 570 1280mb
Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 mobo
Corsair tx750 psu
corsair carbide 400r case
Corsair force 3 series 120gb SSD
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  1. What is the ambient room temperature?
  2. what is watercoled? just the cpu or cpu and gpu, how big is the radiator?
  3. The room temperature is probably around 20-25. I just turned on my computer and I'm idling at atleast 40c!

    Just my cpu is watercooled, the radiator is the stock one that came with the cooler:
  4. How did you mount the radiator?
    In what computer case?
  5. Also, how much thermal paste did you put on? Too much will cook your CPU. You'll want a small pea size ball of paste.
  6. biglukes said:
    shouldn't my temps be much less with watercooling? How can I get my temps down, could it possibly be the CPU?

    Depends on the watercooling used.
    What you got is an entry level closed loop cooler, which some would argue is not watercooling, and sad to say, but had you spent the same amount on an aircooler you would have gotten better performing cooler.

    Check that you are using the correct amount of thermal paste, not too much/little and that the cooler is correctly installed.

    Adding a second fan in a push/pull configuration can lower the (load) temps a few degrees.
  7. I used the thermal paste that came already applied to the cooler. I mounted the radiator exactly how it said to in the manual, like this: except that my cooler is parallel to the ram and not facing it, I don't know if that matters. I will add another fan for a push/pull config but I don't think that's it, since I just left the box open and opened the window (its like 7c outside) and I come home to see it idling at 40c still!! What could it be? I had thermal paste on it before that I removed using q-tips and alcohol, could it be that I didn't remove it properly? Also, could it be the chip? Should I take my chip out and clean it and apply new paste? This is really frustrating!
  8. Are you absolutely sure that the Q-tips didn't leave some lint behind? That would cause heat issues.
  9. While playing (BF3) on the stock air cooler at 4.2ghz im right around 70, what are you using to monitor your temps? how where the fans configured on your case and the 212 when you used it? and how is the radiator mounted/cooled now?
  10. coretemp, hwmonitor and speedfan, they all show the same reading more or less. I'm going to take out the cpu right now and clean it to make sure there's no lint and that it's totally clean, I'm also gonna make a push pull setup, with a fan on each side of the radiator, sucking in air from the back and another fan pushing out through the top. Hopefully this works. Just a question, what temps should I be seeing with this setup if everything was working properly? Like 25 idle and 50-60 during IBT?
  11. lothdk said:
    What you got is an entry level closed loop cooler, which some would argue is not watercooling, and sad to say, but had you spent the same amount on an aircooler you would have gotten better performing cooler.

    having the same. this great cooler helped my old c2 8400 3.ghz run @4.5 with no pain. 50c on full charge.
  12. Unbelievable! I just took out the cpu, cleaned it to perfection, no lint or anything, it was like brand new. I put on new thermal paste, a perfect amount, just less than a pea size, and then put the cooler back on nice and tight. Also I set up a push pull config with 2 fans on either side of the radiator and a fan blowing out through the top. I turn on HWmonitor, speedfan, and coretemp just to make sure the readings are correct, and I'M GETTING UP TO 85C ON INTEL BURN TEST AT 4.2 GHZ!!! And idling at 30-35! My conclusion is that it has to be the processor, I plan on taking it back to NCIX to ask for a replacement.

    What else could it possibly be? Airflow is good, no lint, thermal paste is just the right amount, cooler is installed correctly. I know it's not a faulty cooler because my hyper 212 gave me the same high temperatures.
  13. I'd add a picture I took of my cooling setup but I don't know how to add an image... could someone tell me how and I'll put it right up
  14. How are the fans setup on your case? are they feeding air to the cooler? such as intakes in the front and top and one exhaust out of the rear with the push pull of the 212 following the same flow
  15. intakes in the rear pulling air through the radiator (one fan on either side of radiator, push pull) and an exhaust out the top. Thats not the issue though, I`ve tested it in a 10 degree room with the box open and I still get ridiculous temps. And I reapplied the thermal paste like 3 times trying different methods, no change. Nothing else to try, it must be the CPU at this point, if I get a replacement and it still does this I`ll drive my head through a wall because Ive tried everything ffs.
  16. Well, I'm grasping for air with this one, but are you sure it isn't your closed loop water cooler that is the problem? I mean, maybe the pump isn't working right or something, restricting the water flow. Or maybe there isn't enough water inside the system (lawl, i'ma newb XD)? I don't know. But this is something the consider if a replacement CPU has the same problem.
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    That ram you got is running on 1.65v. I've heard it could cause issues with heat, and burning up the cpu since Sandy Bridges are supposed to run at 1.5. You could try to undervolt it and see what happens (Ive also read it causes little loss in actual gaming power, only in benchmark tests.). (And yes, i also know a lot of people feel 1.65v is safe/no issue, but heh). Perhaps someone with more first hand experience than me on this matter could expand.
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  19. thanks for the replies guys. I exchanged my cpu and swtiched to 1.5v ram and things seem better now (30ish idle, max 65 during IBT on maximum at 4ghz.) not amazing but seems pretty normal, correct me if I'm wrong. KraakenDazs thanks for bringing that up about the ram voltage I never considered that.
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