Motherboard Boots with Blank screen until Windows, then OK

Built, setup, installed Win 7 and Apps, all running fine.

Installed Intel Desktop Control Center(DCC) and all hung. Power down, power up and no Intel startup, screen blank, goes to post code at "00", nothing until Windows welcome screen. Windows and Apps run fine. If from power on I do an F2 when post code at "E7", it gets to "E9" - Setup, but blank screen the whole time. Do an F10, Y & Enter and it goes to post code at "00", nothing until Windows welcome screen.

Read DCC readme to find BIOS should be 5924 or newer. Did a MotherBoard ID Tool to find BIOS at 3206. Updated to 3822, 3878 and 5924 through Windows Express BIOS update. Still blank screen on startup.

DP55KG board seems to be OK, but there must be a setting in BIOS or other that is causing:
1. The Intel screen w/F2 option missing.
2. The BIOS setup screens are missing.

What can I do to recover them?

Should I use the Recovery BIOS Update or the Integrator Toolbox BIOS Files? Is there another way to get missing #1 & #2.

Initially had Intel MB Inital screen with F2 to enter BIOS Setup when using Zotac video card DVI connector and then into Win 7 Ultimate. Then blank screen on boot until Win 7 welcome screen and then desktop and OK. Now have the following combinations of single & dual display:

NVIDIA GeForce GT430 Driver:
Provider:NVIDIA Date:5/20/2011 Ver: 64bit

Display #1 only. Vizio M22MV, HDMI port, 1920x1080, True Color (32bit), 60Hz
1. Intel Flash screen during boot,
2. Intel Flash screen w/ F2,F7,F10,F12 options
3. Starting Windows w/Color windows/flag
4. Windows Welcome
5. Windows desktop
Display #1 & 2 plus Sony SDM-M81, DVI port-
1. Blank screen during boot, On #1 only
2. Windows Welcome, On #1 only
3. Windows desktop, On #1 & #2
Display #2 only
1. Blank screen during boot
2. Windows Welcome
3. Windows desktop

Question - Why is proper boot up only with single display on HDMI? Not single on DVI or dual on DVI & HDMI combination? Is there a way to reset back to original starting point?

System Detail:

Intel DP55KG Version: AAE47218-403
Starting BIOS Version: KGIBX10J.86A.3206.2009.0805.1855
Present BIOS Version: KGIBX10J.86A.5924.2011.0223.0145
Intel Core i7 CPU 870 @2.93GHz
Zalman CNPS9900 NT
MEM 8GB 4x2.0G BDDR-3 1333MHz Mushkin 996781
VGA Zotac ZT-40601-20L GeForce GT 430-1G
BR Burn Liteon iHBS112
PS Seasonic S12II 520 Bronze
Case LianLi PC-7FN RT
MS Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit Build 7600
1TB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex
USB 3.0 Rosewill PCIe card RC505
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  1. Turns out since the DVI connected monitor used the VGA adapter converted and back to DVI with Sony cable, that partially caused the problem. Changed to a true DVI connection and have boot screen for both single and dual monitors with DVI & HDMI combinations.

    Still no answer to why it was alright to start, but changed along the way.
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