How to clean up an internet setup with 2 separate wireless routers


I just want to see if I can clean up our internet setup so that all the computers can get the best possible connection and speed.

Here's our setup: **I apologize for any incorrect terms**

The cable source comes into the house to the basement, and that is where the cable modem (I think it's called) is. Now, from there, the first cable coming off of the modem goes to a Linksys wireless router (with 4 extra hard wire inputs). From there, 4 hard wires come out of that first router. 3 of them go to hardwiring other PCs. The fourth goes upstairs and provides access to another separate NETGEAR wireless router. Now, the NETGEAR router has 3 hardwires as well. 2 of them go to video game systems and the third hard wire goes to my desktop.

I turned off the wireless functions of the Linksys router in the basement to try and simplify things. The couple laptops and my cell phone & ipod, etc., connect wirelessly by the NETGEAR router upstairs.

There are no “real” connection problems anywhere, and the internet is always “okay”, but I play internet video games upstairs and I know my speed/ ping/ and game quality on the internet could be better. I want to clean up this setup and help the speed any way I can. I just don’t know a lot about all the security/in depth options in the router setup pages.
One thing that I got completely lucky with is that I couldn’t connect to the NETGEAR router to change options because the “” page always brought up the Linksys setup. But I looked it up and tried another address was set up for the NETGEAR and I forgot that it told me that (“”). So I got into the NETGEAR eventually, but I just want to do this cleanup as well as I can, and I do not have enough expertise in the internet department.

I just need to know if I have to manually set up IP address for the routers/ separate PCs, etc., or turn off security features here and there to help speed up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 internet games and others.

Any help would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

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  1. That was quite well described. :)
    Since you already have a router downstairs, you just need the upstairs Netgear router to act as a access point + switch.

    We need to disable the DHCP server of the Netgear router, change IP of Netgear to same range of Linksys router and then reconnect the LAN cable which is coming from the Linksys router downstairs to LAN port on Netgear router.
    Here are the steps to do just that.
    First unplug the LAN cable from internet port of Netgear router.

    From the upstairs desktop, access Netgear router page with
    username: admin, password: password [unless you've changed it]
    On the Left hand side menu, under Advanced, go to LAN IP Setup
    Change router IP Address to same range as your Linksys router
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