I/O shield tabs lost on motherboard

Hey everyone,

So, I feel like an idiot. I bent some of the I/O shield tabs out a bit too much trying to install it after I had placed in the motherboard. As a sidenote, why don't ANY of the guides I've read or the motherboard's installation manual tell you to put the I/O shield in first??

Anyway, some of those tabs got loose and are in my motherboard. At least one is stuck, under one of the case USB plugs, and another two may be lost somewhere on the motherboard, though I can't find them. This is a new build, and I'm afraid to turn it on for fear of shorting the whole thing.

My questions are:
1) Are my fears unfounded, or is it very likely that the mother board will break?
2) Will any break only occur in the vicinity of the errant metal piece? So, if I'm willing to forgo using the case USB, am I safe from that piece at least?
3) What can I do? Can I rip the case USB plug off the motherboard? And of the others?

Thank you for your help!
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  1. You are correct, it could break things.

    Solution: Take some nice snips and cut the extraneous metal from the shield. And next time you will know to put it in first. :)
  2. Thanks fester.

    I decided to replace the board. Didn't want to smoke out the whole system just to save the board. While it would have been fun to fix this problem, I am in no way qualified to ensure I'd do it right.

    I've heard motherboards are quite complex when you open em up.
  3. oh, that's an expensive solution. The IO shield is not even necessary. FYI, the sources of trouble would be shorting the USB, since it actually runs power through them. The other ports, not so much. So if you had trimmed the metal near the USB that would have worked.

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