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Ethernet Controller !


Today I cannot connect to the internet. Currently, I have a Ethernet Controller issue.

MB - Asus M5A87
Network Card - DLINK DFE-538TX

In Device Manager:

Cannot find 538TX in Network Adaptors menu

However, VIA Rhine III Compatible Fast Ethernet (which I did not install) is showing (???) and requires a restart. After restart, in Device Manager it has a yellow "!" because it "does not have enough available resources" (???) and requires I disable another device.

When I disable Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller (because I was using the DLINK instead of it) Rhine III disappears from Network Adaptors menu.

Then Other Devices menu shows Ethernet Controller with yellow "!", and stating drivers are not installed. I have the M5A87 installation CD and attempt to load drivers from it but keep getting message that drivers were not found.

I rolled back software updates to a few weeks ago, but it was working this week, so that should be plenty.

Is this a network card issue, a MB issue? I did a quick scan for viruses and results were negative.

What is the fix for this? Help much needed!
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    Have you tried deleting the DFE-538TX Device manager and then let Windows find it again? Why are you using that NIC instead of the onboard Realtek 8111E LAN Controller?
  2. Yes to both. Windows didnt find it again.

    I solved it. I had a small power outage last night which may have actually been a power surge, and the fuse kicking out and back in. Anyway, the PCI slot appears to have been fried in the process. Switched the card to a new slot and we're back in business.

    Thanks for the response.
  3. A power surge should normally be handled by the PSU.
  4. Yes, or it come through the ethernet cable?
  5. That's a possibility, but then the NIC would no longer work.
  6. Well, what can I say. I guess the slot just quit. Thanks again.
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