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  1. Personally i would give this build a complete overhaul:

    CPU - The i5-2500k beats the i7-990x in games for a fraction of the price, that seems like the obvious choice. If you need hyperthreading get the i7-2600k.

    RAM - That stuff looks expensive and the fan is pretty overkill, seems like unnecessary noise and cost to me. I would go for dual channel Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz, 8GB would probably be best.

    MOBO - Obviously with a 1155 chip you need a 1155 board. Getting a dual SLI x8/x8 capable board is going to be a lot cheaper and should give ample performance. The ASRock Z68 Extreme is a good board.

    GPU - GTX 580 is a bit pricey but your budget seems high so that one is up to you, if it was me i would probably get a couple of GTX 570's or HD 6970's

    HDD - The Velociraptor seems incredibly expensive for a drive that is going to be idle most of the time, a couple of Spinpoint F3's in RAID 0 would give a lot more space with good performance and be much cheaper.

    Monitor - I would never buy a monitor with speakers, especially for a system like this. Even a $30 pair of PC speakers will sound a lot better.
  2. Get an i7 2600K or wait for Ivy Bridge and Socket 2011.
    1366 processors are useless in gaming.
  3. Thanks for useful info.

    I'll will certainly be re thinking my build.
  4. what is your budget? you can probably have a 3 screen setup for how much you are spending.

    just some quick math and you are spending over 3k

    Asus VS series 23" monitor- 176$x3=528$

    Corsair 8gb 1866mhz & Corsair ax1200- 340$ 1866mhz ram is fast enough to get you through any game and the best psu on the market

    i5 2500k & Gigabyte p67 ud7- 490$ the best gaming cpu for the money

    Corsair H80- 92$

    Those fans on the h80 are loud- x2=17$

    Corsair Force GT 120gb- 215$

    Samsung f3 1tb- 60$

    ASUS DVD Burner- 21$

    Silverstone Raven RV02- 160$ cools better than the haf x thanks to its unique design

    EVGA GTX 590- 750$

    & GTX 580- 500$ this paired with a 590 is tri sli 580. the 590 is made up of 2 580's

    this is probably overkill for even 3 screens. another good option is 3 570's- 350x3=1050$
    Total for 3 570's=2973$
  5. Get ASRock Gen3 Z68 boards if you plan getting a LGA1155 CPU.
  6. 008Rohit said:
    Get an i7 2600K or wait for Ivy Bridge and Socket 2011.
    1366 processors are useless in gaming.

    You should have phrased that a little bit different. It is not viable to make a 1366 build anymore, due to sandy bridge being superior, but they are in no way useless.
  7. You could get this build for a lot less and it is still going to max any game for a while, on a single monitor anyway:

    8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz
    ASRock Z68 Extreme4
    2 x Gigabyte GTX 570 (Tri fan version)
    OCZ Vertex 3 120GB
    2 x Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB in RAID 0
    HAF X
    Corsair H100
    850W Seasonic 80PLUS Silver
    Samsung 27'' 1ms Monitor
    Logitech Z623 Speakers

    That should give better performance and presumably cost a lot less.

    ($2256.87 before shipping and rebates.)
  8. Budget is $3500

    Not really concerned about 3D and havn't really considered a multiple screen set up.

    I am slightly handicapped in what components are available to me as i've recently moved to the UAE. So i'm just using newegg as a rough guide to pricing.

    Is the Asus GTX 580 a worth while buy and seeing as i'm saving money on the processor would it be worth buying 2 and having them in SLI that is if the ASRock68 Extreme 4 could support 2 large cards.

    Is a 1500W PSU overkill even for the above cards in SLI?

    Again many thanks for your help.
  9. jmsellars1 correct... 990x is no better than i5 2500k for gaming... i think you don't need a 1.5k watts to power two gfx cards... even in a heavily overclocked state... for such a high price build... to include only a 120gb ssd seems like not a good idea... for graphics card... even for a custom design card... i would only choose a card that will only takes up two slot... not 2.5 or 3... such as msi twin frozr iii series... here is list of recommendation.... i hope it helps






    cpu cooler:

    graphic card:



  10. man u should get an ips monitor... as it has decent viewing angle and superior color accuracy... it offers better image quality than cheaper tn panel... below is the one that is highly recommended...
  11. Oh i thought you were planning on 3 way SLI, 1500W would even be a bit overkill for that to be honest. I think 850W would be enough for GTX 580 SLI, possibly 900-950.

    As for the GTX 580, get them if you want since you have a high budget. I don't know if you would actually notice the difference between GTX 570 SLI and GTX 580 SLI on a single 1080P monitor though.
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