EVGA GTX 470 Issues =/

Hello I'm new to the forums and I had to come here because there is an issue that is puzzling me, I have an EVGA GTX 470 not OC'ed, and everything runs fine except for games. I can watch movies, stream youtube, run other applications, even benchmark my graphics card using Furmark but I can't play games.

Details as to what happens, I mainly play Starcraft 2. I run starcraft 2, able to watch the intro cinematics, but when I get to the login screen, it freezes, turns everything black, and either it minimizes the game, it runs at maybe 1 frame per 15 seconds, or there's just an empty black screen with the SC2 cursor. I tried the 268.xx driver, the 275.33 driver, and the 275.50 driver, all no use.

System Specifications :

1055T Processor, not OC'ed
750 Watt Power supply
Patriot G2 memory, 8gb @1600 Mhz
Crucial SSD 64 gb
Westinghouse 640gb HDD @ 7200rpm
2 Side case fans, 1 back case fan, 2 memory fans, and 1 cpu cooling fan
ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Motherboard

I am puzzled as to how I can benchmark it using Furmark, aka stressing the GPU, and yet when I try to play a game, it fails. The temperature does not go higher than 70 celsius on the gpu @ 70% fan speed. I took the GTX 470 out and tried using the integrated card from the mobo and sc2 ran fine for like a minute in game then the computer completely froze. Can anyone save me? thanks!
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  1. Well, according to your own experience here: "I took the GTX 470 out and tried using the integrated card from the mobo and sc2 ran fine for like a minute in game then the computer completely froze", I could guess that the CPU or even the RAM has something to do with it.

    Can you post your computer temperatures? As in Northbridge, CPU and VGA (the GTX470 and integrated)? If you need a tool for that, there's Everest software and others around, but keep forgetting the names 8(

  2. Have you tried reinstalling SC2? Seems like it is only that game, can you find any other places were your PC is acting up?
  3. http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/9201/unledady.png

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
    Here is a picture of the temperatures while idling. I"ve tried installing and reinstalling sc2 many times and it's not just SC2 i've tried dragon age 2 as well and that failed. Maybe it's the motherboard or the ram I am clueless as to how to narrow the problem down though.
  4. Have you ran memtest? That should tell you if its a ram issue real fast
  5. I have ran this http://www.passmark.com/products/bit.htm and it found no errors let me see what the memtest says.
  6. Well before running memtest, I decided to give removing the graphics card and sweeping all the drivers another go, and I can play sc2 on the mobo graphics card :bounce: , so it would seem the gpu is faulty :fou:
  7. Those temps seems to be while your computer is IDLE. Could you start Furmark or 3D Mark or a "light" game that uses video acceleration? Don't run SC2 or any game that you actually know will crash your PC though.

    That way you'll know if it's just the HSF or the card itself. Well, either way you might have to return it 8(

  8. EVGA has a really generous return policy and warranty policy too incase your card is defective. I have my 470's on a 10 year lifetime warranty, but the best part is that EVGA supports putting your own fans on the video cards and overclocking.
  9. Mehhhhhh further testing on Starcraft 2 without the gtx 470 and just on my mobo graphics card, the game froze 3 times, out of 3 :fou: . The mouse cursor moves but nothing else is responsive. Did a memtest86, it passed. I am stumped yet again :pfff: , thanks for all the people trying to help
  10. Did you update your vid drivers lately? I don't see an indication that you have updated your drivers and this may help.
  11. Yeap video drivers are using the latest 275.33 i rolled it back from the 275.50 that nvidia support rep told me to try cause that failed as well. I used driver sweeper before and installed it fresh to no luck. My guess now is the cpu or mobo :fou:
  12. What 750 W PSU do you have?
  13. I am using an ultra lsp750 psu
  14. The PSU might be an issue.
  15. How do you figure the psu is the problem? On hwmonitor it shows they seem to be getting enough power. How do i go about testing power supply? Sorry im kind of new to the whole thing with custom pcs
  16. I wish i could see that chart but when i load it on my phone its so blurry =| i will look at it when i get home though.

    So now my computer only boots in safe mode.... :sweat:

    This is my PSU http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3276567&pagenumber=1&RSort=1&csid=ITD&recordsPerPage=5&body=#ReviewStart I mean it powers things pretty well. I'm quite certain it's the motherboard and/or processor, I'm having these two replaced on tuesday free of charge so we will see what happens. :(
  17. I can't stay off my computer till tuesday :( and here's the BSOD that I received. I probably will stay off of it as much as possible now since this happened. Can anyone depict what hardware is malfunctioning from this picture or is it too general?

    My GTX 470 was out of the machine when this occurred by the way, meaning there is some other problem on my pc as well :sweat:

    I haven't added any peripherals or new hardware at all, have the same programs as before installed so no idea what really happened. I was away from the computer when this message happened, I'm sure the only things running on the computer were Mozilla and perhaps windows live messenger.

    I mean at this point, I figure the only components that I haven't tested for that could be causing problems are the mobo, cpu, and psu.

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