How to know if integrated graphics card is disabled?

hi guys i recently bought a radeon hd5670 and installed it into my computer and everything looks good. but, i wanted to know if there was a way to tell if my onboard graphics card was disabled? my computer is an hp pavillion p6116f and this is it . i would be really thankful for some help, thanks.
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  1. Well, you have to get into the BIOS setup (it usually says at boot time "hit DEL to enter setup") and from there, find one of these 2 things: and option that says "On Board VGA -> enable / disable" or "Primary Adapter -> PCIe / On Board". If there's both, disable the on board and select PCIe as primary.

    I don't have the actual menus (screenshots) to show you, but it shouldn't be much hassle to find the options.

  2. thanks dude ill try it out.
  3. i tried hitting delete but nothing came up, and then i went into advanced options by hitting f11, but was unable to find anything, anything else i could try? if it means anything when i went to play starcraft 2 it found the new card, so does that mean the integrated one is disabled?
  4. dont worry about it at all enabled or not

    if your system is working then it will be fine
  5. Yep, if it works fine, it just works fine, hehe.

    No need to move things around when they work correctly.

  6. Most of the time when you install a gpu it will disable the onboard gpu.
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