(2) GTX 460 se vs Radeon 6870?

Hey fellas, I'm trying to finish off my gaming rig and the only component I still need is my GPU. I've never done an SLI setup but I was wondering which option is better.
Superclocked 460 SE's in SLI


Radeon 6870

After rebates both products would be approximately equal. I have lots of cooling and power to spare in my case, which setup will give me an edge for gaming?

Thanks so much.
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  1. Based on this, I'd say that 2x6870's is way better than 2xGTX460SE.

    If you meant 2xGTX460SE vs 1x6870, then the SLI setup seems the better gaming value.

  2. the nvidia sli setup is the faster choice, however its not as upgrade friendly, as you would have to remove both cards and replace them to upgrade. If you start with a single faster card you can always upgrade later by adding another for sli/crossfire
  3. I would avoid the crippled SE models (chopped mem bus), opting instead for standard 1 gb versions...

    If you have about $220 to spend, you are within striking range of a standard 6950(2gb), and certainly could find a 1gb version of the 6950 easily.
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