ASUS P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155 DOA/Bent CPU pin's

I just ordered the following board from

ASUS P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155

and look at this!? I open my box extremely excited for my new build and this is what I get. All I did was open the box and thats what I see, I never forced the CPU into the socket. So my question is, has anyone else experienced this problem before?

After going over the reviews people have left on it (the one on Aug 27) my items were already on their way so I couldnt have prevented this from happening to me at that point. The newegg reviewers say newegg wont do the RMA and that Asus demands $120 to fix the board.

What kind of show is Newegg running in their warehouses that "inspect" all the items going on? Seriously newegg's quality has gone done.. my last 2 builds were all thru them but wow.

Now, im off to buy a new board while I await a response.
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  1. Although I consider the intel bent pin "phenomena" a known issue - all over socket 1155 motherboards. Intel, the mobo manufacturers and the retailers are quick to call it user induced damage and refuse RMA (or want money).
    A while back there were a few threads about Canada Computers taking the cap off the socket to prove to the customer the pins were not bent at the time of sale. Kinda had some people wondering what was going on. I personally wonder how many bent pins they've come across doing that...
  2. it is unbelievable; I mean, I dont know the other situations or incidents personally BUT if anyone were to say that this case was "caused by the buyer" then there would be more than just those pins bent out of shape not just one corner.
  3. Hmm...Interesting. I've seen that exact location get smashed before -- it was done when you pressed-down on the CPU Socket Cap and crushed it into the pins.

    There's only (2) two possibilities: 1. Open Box (that many pins I seriously doubt it), 2. You're either lying or didn't realize you did it. NewEgg cannot get money back from ASUS with bent CPU pins.

    Proper installation LGA 115X see - ; LGA 2011 install the CPU first then remove the cap or closing the retention clamp will pop the cap out.

    ASUS and every MOBO MFG tests all of their MOBO before they leave the factory. The only solution is to get Jeweler's Tweezers and unbend them or use it as a paperweight. ASUS, NewEgg nor any MFG will accept an RMA with bent CPU pins, it's 100% considered User Error and Damage.
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