Asus m5a97 not recognizing video card

ok i just built my brand new computer and its been working for about two weeks but this problem started two days ago if i shut down my computer and try to start it up again all fans turn on all leds turn on and the CPU fan goes to full speed and sounds like its taking off then the leds go out for a second then come back on and it gives me 1 long beep and three short beeps (which means no video card or bad video ram) Now the weird parts this happened like 4 days ago for the first time i tried restarting and it did this then i tried to start up like two more times and on the third go it started no problems And i left the computer off for like an hour and it still wouldn't start but if i leave it overnight it starts up perfectly and it works flawlessly could this be my motherboard or my graphics card Also i tried switching the pcie slots and it still didn't start up giving me the same error I also game pretty hard on this system running crysis 1 at very high setting across the board i am reluctant to rma any parts because then i would be without a computer for a week plus i have no way off testing to see if it really is the video card or the motherboard also i have a bit good off time on this system with everything under warranty for at least 1 year also it works fine when on no graphical distortions while gaming performs up to par 60 fps in blacklight retribution lowest 40 fps
in crysis i get a good 43 fps and the lowest is 32 i have seen it dip
runs league of legends all the way across the board at 60fps 53 dips
the only thing i can do know is just leave it on all the time

my specs:
cpu: amd 4170 4 core 4.2ghz
motherboard: Asus M5a97 latest bios
video card: readeon hd 6870
power supply: cool power 880w
ram: cendyne 4gb ddr3 1600mhz
hdd1:80 gb velociraptor
hdd2: 1tb wd
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