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"Can't find certificate-wireless". I've applied all the suggestions. With and with out Winduh Zero Config and network adapter software. Unchecked 802.1x, changed ecryption types, modem and computer reboots, push little button on back of modem, tried two differnt makes of network adapters, confirmed correct network key typed, etc. All these things in many combinations. Great full signal, no certificate or with software installed no connectivity. Is it time to Ethernet hard wire my network? Is it the Windstream 1704 modem? Studied and tweaked the modem settings a little. Didn't want to go into that too much as I'm not familiar with some of the acronyms.
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  1. Forgot the list this info:
    Sagemcom 1704 DSL modem
    Win XP SP3
    Linksys WUSB54GS network adapter
    Windows XP SP2 (recieving computer)

    Tech calls to Windstream have been pleasent but not much help other than "push the little button on the back".
  2. FIXED!
    After 5 days of implementing everything I knew (not enough), what the Windstream tech help suggested, and what this and many othe fourms suggested I still had no wireless.

    I know this topic has been beaten to death therefore the real guru's aren't interested. Understandable so. I deal with vintage motorcycles and have to talk many times about things that are basic. It'll wear on you after awhile.

    THE PROBLEM WAS; my network key. After typing it 100 times I knew I was inputting it correctly, however - - - - -.

    DSL installer told me "O" (letter) in one of the digits. I looked on the box and confirmed an "O". Most of the time I can tell the difference between"O" and "0". I went to 192. and clicked on "view" beside my hidden network key. There it was, a suspisious looking "ZERO". Last attempt was to go back to the basic suggested set ups and use the "zero" in my passphrase. IT WORKED!

    So many combinations of set ups had me really confused. Note taking used up two small note pads. Was like shuffling cards and hoping they were in the correct sequence after the shuffle.

    Love this forum, best I've found. Will check in more to learn more and pass on anything I've learned. Sometimes it's the simple mistakes that cause the biggest issues. Always confirm what your told! Double confirm when in doubt. This double confirmaition is what resolved my issue.
  3. When you write down passwords which include the number/letter 0 or O always write the zero with a slash thru it.
  4. I usually do that with #/letter mixed digits. Also I underline letter O when in caps. I got the key from the DSL installer tech. He wrote it down, put a "cap letter" note with an arrow pointing to the O, and verbally told me "letter O in caps" after I asked which it was. I always compair number/letters on labels to see the font being used by the printer. My label has a total of 2 O's and 2 0's. They are almost exactly alike. Hard to tell apart because the 2 letter O's are larger font. 10x magnifier was what made me suspicios of the information I was given so I went to the 192xxxx page again. Lined 0 should be a ISO standard for more than just serial numbers. Thanks.
  5. Why not change the password to a phrase you can remember
  6. I may do that now that I know it's working. That was about the only thing I didn't try this week. Didn't know if it was hardware, driver, modem, or what until it was working.

    Now I have to figure out the number of networks showing. I'm connected with #16 due to the amount of configurations I tried. Haven't found the others in the system so this may not be an issue. Hoping 16 is just the name/label and not actual number of connections. I'm limited to 16 connections to this account of which I can change to a preferred lower number for security. If 16 is the actual number of connections in my network I'll have to remove 15 of them. Just started researching this.
  7. I think it's just numbered 16, mine is labelled wireless connection8 but there's no sign of the other 7.
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