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hey guys is this normal, everytime i turn on my i have blank screen with fans turn on then after a second it turns off then after a couple of seconds in turns on my itself with bios screen and normal boot,

check this out i took a video of my PC
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  1. make sure your mb bios is up to date. what your seeing is the mb at post trying to set up the ram speed to the mb cpu bus speed. you see it on mb where you set the ram speed to high and the over clock fails. with the newest bios it should have newer ram code so that you should only see that error once after the new bios is on and then the mb should permently set the right ram speed in the bios. if not try turning on the xmp profile if it and intel mb and see if the error stops. (may need to use cpu-z and read your ram spd chip to set the ram speed up right. if your using ram faster then 1600 you may have to drop the ram speed down to 1600 or 1300 depending on your mb and cpu.
  2. where in the cpu-z can i see the ram speed and how do i update my bios? i am i afraid to update i might brick it that what others told me. i got intel dh61ww mobo. what do you mean mobo at post trying to set up speed to the mobo cpu bus speed?

  3. hello smorizio i hape updated my bios yet no change
  4. when you run cpu-z there a tab called spd next to the memory tab. the memory tab will show you your ram model and the speed it running at now. in the bios it called SDRAM Timing Control see if you set to to manul not auto that your error stops if not it a bios bug with your ram and the intel mb. you can try email intel and see if they can put the ram into there next bios patch.
    one thing to look at also is the speed of the ram .the mb does 1333/1066 ram. you can see if a friend or a local store has a dimm that on the mb qal list and see if the error stops.if it does you can contact the ram vendor you have and see if they swap the ram you have for one on the mb qal list.
  5. i just can't get it :( . how can i set my ram timing to manual? is it in bios settings?

    sorry for noob question
  6. look at the mb guild that came with the mb. it have all your bios setting in it or online.
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