Minecraft PC

Hello out there.

im trying to build me a "minecraft" pc..

i just need a real "minecraft" case to build it in, havent found any that are making one yet :s

i must have space enugh for my hardware
p55 motherboard EVGA "ftw"
EVGA gtx 570 gtx sc x 2
corsair hx 750w psu
16 gb corsair dominator 1600 mhz ram
Corsair h70

any who knows?

a little vid i made of it, all i need to have now is the case, thats it..

link to pc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvGWOg8eMzc

just a clearifaciation (not sure if that's a word..) when i say minecraft case i mean the chassie shuld be minecraft'ish aka a minecraft block, whatever, somthing that have somthing about minecraft, get me?

edit: dosent need to be a small size chassie
sorry, english isnt my first language..
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  1. If you want a case that looks like a minecraft block your better off building it yourself.
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