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I was wondering about my Nvidia 8600 gts, I am running a dual screen, and I am getting around 66-70° celsius on the gpu itself, on idle. i was wondering is this too high and how i would be able to cool it down more.
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  1. I don't know about the specs on the 8600 and would go to the Nvidia site to seek advice on this. But my GTX 470 is specced to run at 100 C and I suspect that your temps are OK. However, that said, I always think that extra cooling improves performance and electronic longevity. There are a number of aftermarket products for GPU cooling. I use and love the Zalman aftermarket cooler on my GTX 470. From the reference cooler I have reduced my idle and load temps by about 35 C.
  2. My 8600GT runs ~65+ on idle, so it should be normal given how anorexic the reference fan is. The GPU should handle 105 fine.

    you could takeout the fan, dust and apply new TIM, manually turning up the fan would work too.
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    Yes, those cards do run hot even when idle. But its not anything to be worried about.
  4. Thank you guys, really appreciated your responses.
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