XSeries 360 & 336 CPU Swap

I have an IBM xSeries 360 (type 8686) currently with 4 2 GHz CPUs and a couple of xSeries 336 (type 8837) currently with 2 3.6 Ghz CPUs. I'm wondering if the xSeries 360 box would support the quicker 3.6 CPUs from the xSeries 336 boxes (i.e. ending up with 4 3.6 Ghz CPUs). Does anyone know? If not, how does the xSeries 336 configuration (dual 3.6 Ghz CPUs) compare to the xSeries 360 configuration (quad 2 Ghz CPUs) from a performance standpoint?

I want to end up with solid hobby server and I like some aspects of the xSeries 360 chasis better than the xSeries 336 box (e.g. redundant power supplies, RAID 5, etc...) but I want to end up with the best performance too. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated!
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  1. Meh...it looks like the pins on the CPU are slightly different. :-(
  2. Heya Buddy..

    Sorry to report that the xSeries 360 will only support 4) 2.8Ghz/512kB(L2)/2048MB(L3) Dual Core XEON maximum. I already tried..
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